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To all of our friends and followers, I would like to say a big THANK YOU! 😘❤️

❤️ This holiday, your love and support has kept me super busy,

doing what I love most; feeding people.

🍪 As you know, the cookie story started in my vintage furniture shop on the refreshment counter. Everyone (I thought) forgot about the cookies after I closed the shop in 2017 and

pursued a real estate career.

💌 Covid19 lockdown and quarantine revived the cookies. Teachers were stressed up learning to zoom classes. Many of you gifted cookies to front line workers. And others reached out for get well or condolence deliveries. I also delivered porch drops to many of you. 🚗

😊 Baking is slow, loving work. It can consume your day. You cannot rush or the dough and cookies 🍪 reflect your mood. Being tasked with the responsibility to deliver joy kept me going. I had no reason to complain when asked to bring smiles or comfort to a family. 🥰

🎉 Nearly 2 years later, we have gone through an entire cycle of holidays, occasions and celebrations, faraway celebrations … all the smiles and emotions too. It has been a wonderful experience and great way to keep in touch with everyone from the shop days.

🤓 It is now time to head back to work but I will be back to bake for major holidays or your special occasions.  Text or DM me to check my schedule.

⏰ Also, set your Instagram notifications or get on the mailing list to know when I'm back.

🏡 My real estate work is at and @saltydogre.

There's lots of food sharing there too.



Cell: 626-216-4216

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