Non-Profits We Support

One Delightful Cookie partners with small nonprofits to raise funds for their amazing projects. The more cookies we sell, the more money we can give to that charity. We hope you'll share our posts, and our effort to support others in need.

Reddy2Fight Foundation's goal is to help these children forget, even if just for a few moments, what they are enduring, and to brings smiles to their faces. Most of these children spend hours, days, weeks, and even months in a hospital room, some in isolation, and many families are searching for ways to keep their children comfortable and entertained.


Our care packages are filled with engaging, quality toys, ranging from arts & crafts, to games, to puzzles and more.

Ways To Help


A donation as small as $25 creates a care package. This small donation can put a smile on a child going through treatment.

Please know that your contributions are going directly towards the creation and delivery of care packages that will put smiles on the beautiful faces of many children fighting childhood cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Reddy2Fight Cookie Box

Want to enjoy delicious cookies while helping local charities?  50% of each sale goes to Reddy2Fight.  

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